'Beauty is revealed when people are inspired with the confidence to be their true selves'

Welcome to Curvateur Photography! My journey into image making started over a decade ago when I was given a camera as a present. When I began, I took pictures of absolutely everything and it was about getting the ‘perfect shot’. Over time, I focused less on what I was doing with the camera and more on the interactions I was having with people when I was taking those pictures.

 From images on a website to pictures you want to hang on your wall, people want to exist in photographs that show their true self.

Most people choose a photographer by the pictures in their portfolio. They look and think, I want to look like that. The reality of what happens in the shoot is quite different.

 The human body is artistic expression in all of its shapes, sizes, colours, beliefs, sexual-orientations and origins. Beauty is revealed when people are inspired with the confidence to be their true selves.

My work now is about being part of an experience. I enjoy helping people celebrate and feel inspired about who they are, guiding you through a first-class photoshoot experience.


I specialise in Boudoir and Fine Art Photography. You can see from from my photos that I am experienced with working in different spaces including picturesque outdoor locations, professional studios, private and public locations giving you a wide variety of shooting options.

 Whether it's outdoors amidst a beautiful natural setting or indoors for a sultry boudoir feel, I enjoy collaborating to create the look you want.

 Check out some FAQ’s to learn more about how a Curvateur photoshoot experience works.